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Heights, Density and Planning for a More Affordable Ventura

First, I want to acknowledge that increased building heights and density is a highly controversial issue. The intent of identifying feasible land use designations alternatives is an element of the General Plan and Housing Element that supports requirements set by the state Housing and Community Development office

The City of Ventura is attractive because of all it has to offer. Moving into the future, it would be beneficial to partner with the county for workforce investment initiatives, promote local hire, support skilled apprenticeships, advocate for healthcare requirements to keep our workers healthy and continuing to support our vibrant small business community. This requires housing to support emerging workforces.

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Economic Development

On council it was one of Lorrie's priorities to help the city understand the intent and role of Economic Development so it would no longer be considered a dirty word.

She believes economic development can be a constructive tool to make the city work for its residents. She promised to focus on economic development to fund affordable housing and she lived up to these promises. The numbers are clear.  Development is key to the vitality of this city and the delivery of city services.

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Affordable Housing

Lorrie has been an unapologetic advocate for affordable housing on the dais, as Chair of GPAC, Chair of HOPES committee and as appointed delegate to SCAG.

Core to Lorrie’s ethos is the belief that policy should bring the greatest benefit to the greatest number of people—a notion she learned in an ethics class that she carries with her today. She continues to work tirelessly  for more inclusive policies that benefit everyone.

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Working Hard for Ventura

Lorrie has continued to be a voice for the worker in Ventura. She understands what it means to work a nine to five and have most of her paycheck go to rent. Brown experienced first hand the lack of affordable housing and the need to create housing opportunities. 

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Revenues Not Cuts

Ventura is in a safe place right now financially. Measure O helped pay for services and allowed the city to maintain a reserve. This does not however mean that the city is completely safe in the future. Any disaster, regional emergency or infrastructural need could offset that balance. In addition, our safety and enforcement officials expect an increase in pay which will need to be covered. (Read More)

"Johnson Drive is Dead!"

While knocking on doors, a resident was expressing their frustration and said,  

     "Johnson Drive is dead! What are we going to do about it?"

Although some of my first priorities will be:
- Pushing for approved Sidewalks to be completed and street lights repaired in Montalvo
- Facilitating a path for an ALDI’s on the Eastside 
- Protecting the integrity of the General Plan during updates that start right now...

This would only be the beginning. The Johnson Corridor would be the next thing on that list...

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Let's Talk about Proposition 10

Proposition 10 is an effort to reverse a state ruling called the Costa-Hawkins Rental Housing Act which took the right of local cities to decide for themselves if and how any rent control policies would be enacted, if at all. It is not a mandate, it provides options and removes a current restriction.

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Sidewalks and Prop 6

Currently, when you buy gas in the City of Ventura, the taxes collected on that purchase come back to our city to fund street repairs, bridges and sidewalks. Right now, there is an approved sidewalk project for Montalvo that depends on the funding that comes from the gas tax. If you vote No on Proposition 6, this project and others like it will move forward. If you vote Yes, you are putting much needed city infrastructure projects at risk.

Vote NO on Prop 6

Groceries not Convenience Stores

Recently the City of Ventura had a research and development company conduct a study on the Eastside to determine what is the best business fit for that side of town and they determined that it should be another convenience store. 

They made their presentation to the Eastside Community Council and many residents were very upset. They voiced that they did not want another gas station with a convenience store but a grocery store.

When I got up to speak, I suggested an ALDI's on the Eastside, not because it is better than any other grocery store, as a matter of fact it does not matter which one, I only suggested it because it is a neighborhood grocery store and has success in neighboring cities.

The residents greeted this idea with a warm reception. The role of a council member is to listen to community needs and come up with solutions that both the city and the neighborhood residents can live with. Lorrie is that candidate.

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