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Affordable Housing

Under her leadership, the HOPES committee pushed two key recommendations to the council, 1. for a pro housing designation and 2. to adopt the 11 recommendations made by HOMES for All (a housing advocacy coalition) into the Housing Element, all of which were approved by council. The pro-housing designation positions the city to qualify for additional federal funding and more effectively utilize partnerships with non-profit housing development organizations such as Cabrillo Economic Development Corporation, The Housing Trust Fund, The Housing Authority and others.

In SCAG meetings Brown partnered in solidarity with other electeds in the Ventura County region to ratify the Regional Housing Needs Assessment (RHNA) allocations handed down by the state, after a failed lawsuit resulted in increased RHNA allocations.

As Chair of the General Plan Committee, Lorrie led the stakeholder appointed advisory board through a tumultuous two years. She negotiated controversial topics with members, provided a platform for housing advocates and balanced heavily conservative conversations. Per state law, fair and balanced discussions surrounding housing affordability, environmental justice and the Housing Element is required to develop a feasible vision and plan for the future. In the process, she ensured that ALL voices, thoughts and opinions were reflected in every meeting or workshop or informational session. 

It was her intent to make sure the opportunity for affordable housing alternatives were seriously considered while furthering the idea that housing is needed for our residents, workers and seniors.

Committee to Re-Elect Lorrie Brown | FPPC# 1454204
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