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Working Hard for Ventura

In order for the City of Ventura to compete in the next century we must identify a portfolio of housing alternatives and options that give residents choices we do not currently have.  A healthy economy is a sustainable economy for our future.

Brown acknowledges that the cities workers are comprised of service workers, immigrants who may be essential workers, or graduates right out of college and seniors working out of retirement or on a fixed income. Some are new families just starting out and labor union workers, working hard everyday for a decent living. Do they not deserve to live here too? Brown says yes.

Yes to an improved quality of life, yes to alternative housing options, yes to economic development initiatives that fund these things, and yes to continue to protect workers and those who have no advocate at the policy level.

The policies Brown has championed have all worked towards these goals.

Committee to Re-Elect Lorrie Brown | FPPC# 1454204
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